Victoria Peat sewing designer and tutorHello, this is me! I’m Victoria and I love sewing.

I live in the countryside in Shropshire, UK with my husband, two little girls (it hurts that I can’t call them babies anymore) and our dog Roxy. Please note there are no chickens! My husband desperately wants chickens but I am being a mean wife and I’m not letting him have any….for the time being!

I am part time stay at home mum and part time business owner. I teach sewing to adults and children and design sewing patterns and crafting projects. I regularly design projects for sewing and crafting magazines. I am also one of the Guest Designers on the Sewing Quarter, a LIVE tv channel here in the UK.

Originally I set up my blog to help promote my business but as time has gone on and my business has evolved, this blog has become a record of my sewing and knitting exploits. There will be the odd post about my family, but I’m not sure the great wide world are ready for the warts and all version of my day to day life. So if it’s ok with all of you I’ll just focus mostly on the crafty side of life!

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If you have any burning questions drop me a line…I’m quite friendly!

Sewing Machines of Choice

Bernina Artista 165 – I love this machine. Seriously, it’s fab!

Brother VX2013 – Great machine that I got for my 18th birthday (which was in fact very recent…honest) and I have kept as a back up. A bit clunky but works perfectly well.

Bernette for Bernina FunLock 007D – Great little machine, but I need to use it to its potential. I only seem to use it for finishing off seams. Lazy lazy lazy!

Wimsew W-246 – single arm machine for my leather work. Over the years this has seen many a sewing hour and many a broken needle when I’ve tried to sew over too much suede in one go. It’s good, but it’s not a miracle worker!

If you would like to come for sewing lessons but don’t have a machine, don’t worry you can use one of the other machines that I have specifically for students (yes, I seem to own a lot of machines).

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  1. Jane

    Hello Victoria
    I am having a hard time finding reviews on sergers. When I came upon your page I thought I could ask you some questions.
    How old is the 007D? I am thinking of purchasing one. How would it compare to a 004?
    Thank you for your help.


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