Hanami Dress with Improvisational Pleating

I saw this rather fabulous Straightgrain Hanami Dress as sewn by Olu of Needle and Ted a while back and I really couldn’t resist making one of my own, well, for Charlotte anyway.

Hanami Dress by Needle and Ted

I was totally taken with Olu’s fabric choice so I trawled my most used online fabric stores, but couldn’t find a brightly coloured tartan taffeta anywhere. A raid on the stash was required!

I found this red, pink and white floral fabric that had good deal of body and didn’t seem to crease, no matter how much you scrunch it up in your hand. So perfect for a little girl’s dress! I have no idea where it came from, but I was so pleased when I found it.

Hanami Dress

I decided to fully line the dress as it was a touch on the sheer side. Not too sheer, but enough to make me want to line the skirt as well as the bodice. I also figured that the extra fabric at the waist seam would make the skirt flounce out as much as possible.

I followed the tutorial that An wrote for for making improvised pleats on the bodice. It was simple to follow and I love the interest it provides.

Hanami Dress Pleat Detail

And those sleeves, how could you not love those sleeves? Just so pretty and just like the petals of a flower…totally girly!

Hanami Dress Sleeve DetailCharlotte loves the dress and has worn it to a couple of parties and even wanted to wear it for going to the supermarket the other day

An is running a competition over the next few days where you can enter your own attempts at improvisational pleating. There’s a chance to win some fabulous fabric from Birch. I will be asking for all of you lovely readers to vote for me when the voting opens in a couple of days time!


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10 thoughts on “Hanami Dress with Improvisational Pleating

  1. Olu

    Wow, what a compliment, I’m totally flattered. That tartan taffeta was such a find. And you won’t believe it cost just £4 a meter.

    Your hanami dress is so pretty, great choice of fabric.

    I’ll be entering the competition too. I’m in love with improvisational pleating.

  2. Angela

    It’s funny to think that gorgeous fabric was right there in your stash just waiting to become this pretty dress. Very nice job.

    1. LittleBlackDuck Post author

      Thanks Karen. I’ve got some left so I need to have a bit o fa think as to what I can make with it….a skirt maybe


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