Kids Clothes Week: Project 1 Bubble Shorts by Elegance and Elephants

My first project for Kids Clothes Week was a pair of shorts for Charlotte.

From my stash I found a selection of fabrics and Charlotte chose this fairly lightweight cotton fabric. I needed a little contrast fabric for the inside of the waistband so teamed it up with some quilting cotton

Bubble Pocket Shorts. Pattern from Elegance and Elephants

The Bubble Pocket Shorts pattern from Elegance and Elephants was really easy to follow with nice big photographs to support the instructions. Despite by best attempts to sew for only an hour at a time I just kept sewing until I just about had the shorts finished in one day (with more than a few interruptions from general life!)

Bubble Pocket Shorts Detail 2

The shorts really are fabulous and I am a little bit in love with the massive side pockets. I really love a pocket and they don’t come any better than this!

Bubble Pocket Shorts Detail 1

Do you like the rather stylish hanger I used in these shots? I must have been a stylist in a previous life…it’s almost like I have an eye for it!

Are you taking part in Kids Clothes Week? How are you getting on?

7 thoughts on “Kids Clothes Week: Project 1 Bubble Shorts by Elegance and Elephants

    1. victoriapeat

      Thank you! They really don’t take long to make so you could make two pairs! The only thing I found with the pattern is that the waistband facing measurement was too long – better too long than too short though. I just trimmed it down to fit 🙂 Good luck and have fun making them

      1. Fiona

        Thanks for the tip! I wasn’t surprised when the facing was too long, but the cuffs were also too long! I’m not sure if I made a mammoth mistake, or if the metric measurements were inconsistent. Did you make yours using cm or inches?

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