Mini Craft Kit – feedback please

I mentioned the other day that I am working on a mini-kit for a framed coin purse.

As I see it the kit will contain the following:

– full instructions
– pattern
– a metal purse frame

This will allow you to choose your own main and lining fabrics to make a purse of your own. Sound good?

However I got to wondering whether this is actually what people want…..would you prefer to buy a mini kit that also contained a piece of grosgrain lining fabric in the colour of your choice (from a selection)? Or, would you prefer to buy a complete kit including main/outer fabric? Or, would you be happy with just a pattern and some instructions? Please assume that prices would vary according to the option selected (I’ve just not worked that bit out yet but promise I’ll be reasonable!)

3 thoughts on “Mini Craft Kit – feedback please

  1. laura

    Brilliant idea!!!
    Would these Kits be for the already skilled,or for people like me to follow?
    I think its a great idea,not much of this around,would make great presents.

    1. victoriapeat

      The plan is for the kits to be for people that have basic sewing and crafting skills i.e can read a (well written!) set of instructions, can sew in a straight line and are happy using a bit of glue!


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