New Product: Suede Hearts

Well, not really a new product at all, but an old favourite that I started selling nearly 5 years ago (!!), back in 2008. My word, a lot has happened in my life since I launched these little hearts!

Suede Hearts by Little Black Duck

The reason for the newness, is that I have made these available for sale again after a long ‘maternity break’.

Each heart is made with heavyweight Italian suede and laced together with leather thonging. They’ve also been padded a little to make them nice and squidgy. The hearts are available for around £10 (including postage) and come in Red, Pink, Lilac or Purple (for some reason I don’t have a picture of the purple….must sort that out!)

These suede hearts are great for hanging off a bag, using as a key ring or decorating your home

Hearts are available through the Product Shop on the Little Black Duck Facebook page and can also be found on Etsy

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