Sew Mama Sew Givewaway Day ::

Christmas is coming which means that it’s time for Sew Mama Sew to host another one of their massive Giveaway Days (or weeks, rather).

If you’ve not visited the Little Black Duck blog before, then welcome! If you are a regular reader, then welcome back! Whilst you are here free to have a look around and see what’s what. You could even sign up for the newsletter (don’t panic it only goes out once a month-ish) or visit my Facebook page or Etsy store. If you’re feeling adventurous you could follow me on twitter (also seems to only happen once a month!).

Giveaway Day

If you’ve not come across it before the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway is essentially a collection of handmade designers giving away something in the run up to Christmas. As there are so many giveaways (over 300 at my last count) they have split the categories into:

It’s a crazy week with lots of giveaways and it’s a great opportunity to find some new blogs to read. I am taking part and here’s what I’m offering……

For UK readers

You can have your choice of finger puppet kit

The Christmas Friends finger puppet kit

Christmas Friends Kit Main Logo and Text

or the Woodland Friends finger puppet kit

Woodland Friends Main Logo and Text

The kits retail for around £15 each and include everything you need to make a set of five finger puppets. In the kit you will receive the following

:: felt
:: embroidery thread/floss
:: sewing needle
:: digitally drawn pattern pieces
:: fully illustrated step-by-step instructions

Alternatively, if you don’t fancy a kit you can choose any five of my pdf sewing patterns

For International readers

As we have missed all of the international posting dates, international readers have a choice of prize…you can either have any five pdf patterns of your choice that will be sent via email straight away or you can have your choice of finger puppet kit (see above) BUT it will not arrive before Christmas

How to Enter

Leave a comment on this post stating the following

  • Which country you are from
  • Which prize you would choose
  • and just for fun tell me what you’ll be eating on Christmas Day. We’ll be having turkey with all the trimmings!

Competition closes December 13th 5pm PST


One winner will be chosen at random and their name will be posted on the blog and contacted by email on Sunday the 15th of December

Good luck everyone and thank you for stopping by!

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108 thoughts on “Sew Mama Sew Givewaway Day ::

  1. Virginie

    Hello from Italy, I love the Christmas Friends finger puppet kit. On Christmas day, and after, I will eat some ‘papillottes’ (typical French chocolates). Joyeux Noel !

  2. Sue Staum

    I am from Minnesota, USA. I am rather gnome-obsessed so would have to choose the Woodland Friends- I just love them!! On Christmas Day we will be having Prime Rib, Green Olive and Cheesy potatoes and Christmas cookies, of course!!

  3. jen

    I am in canada and would pick the woodland friends1 so cute 🙂 and I am hoping to have turkey and the etc for christmas!

  4. Stacy Alfano

    I’m from Ohio in the USA! I love the Woodland Critters set! We had turkey for Thanksgiving here, so we usually have ham for Christmas! Thank you!

  5. Chiska

    I’m from Wyoming in the US. I love the Christmas friends set! I’m not sure what we’re eating on Christmas as far as real food is concerned, but I guarantee we will have pie.

  6. Sandra Visser

    Hello from Utah U.S.

    I love your patterns they are so cute and would make wonderful gifts for next year.

    We will be eating Ham for dinner. Not sure what all else will be on the table though.

  7. Tanya

    I’m in Canada. I would love the woodland puppet kit.
    We have the traditional turkey stuffing, potato, carrots, cranberry meal

  8. Terry

    I’m from the desert Southwest in the USA.

    I’d choose your pdf patterns.

    We’ll be having turkey and all the usual side dishes. Thanks for the sweet giveaway 🙂

  9. Joske

    Hello from cold & white Calgary, Canada! I like the farmyard friends puppets!
    Thanks for participating in the giveaway!

  10. Ariadne

    Hello I am from Greece! I am not a quilter and I am looking at all the giveaways to see if there is something with felt as I love felt and have been making Christmas ornaments like crazy lately! I’d love a kit to make and use with my students so Woodland friends would be nice if I win and it doesn’t matter that it will arrive after Christmas. Turkey with chestnut rice stuffing is my favourite dish! Have a great Christmas!AriadnefromGreece!

  11. connandvansmom

    Hi I am Tammy. I am from South Carolina, USA. I would choose the pdf patterns. We will e having ham for Christmas as we had a big fat Turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. Thank you for hosting the giveaway. conn_and_vans_momatyahoodotcom

  12. charlotte l

    HI – Im from Newnan GA. We will have ham and lots of southern sides. Id love to have some of your patterns.

  13. Heather M

    I’m from Vermont, I would love the patterns, and I think we’ll roast something. We eat what’s local and available, so not really sure what that might be yet… Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  14. Stephanie @ Quarter Incher

    Greetings from California, USA. Love the woodland friends package! We’ll be eating mexican food (Tamales, Posole, Chips & Salsa) on Christmas Eve then Tri-tip and yummy sides on Christmas day! We’re lucky to live by both sets of parents!

  15. Lauren at Molly and Mama

    I’m from Australia so we’ll be having seafood and glazed ham for Christmas, with an ice cream pudding to help beat the heat! Thanks so much for the opportunity to enter your giveaway. I’m loving your felt creations and would choose the PDF pattern option if I were lucky enough to win! Thank you.

  16. Meeshelle

    Great giveaway! I am from Alberta Canada and I would choose the Woodland Friends finger puppet kit 🙂 We are eating Shepherd’s Pie for holiday dinner, it’s one of my favorites!!

  17. Saira

    Woodland friends kit for me thanks – I’m in the UK – we are debating whether we go for turkey or goose this year, could end up going ‘ip dip’ at the supermarket.

  18. Lady J

    I am from Missouri, USA. I would choose the Woodland Friends finger puppet kit. We eat a variety of different cheese, crackers and shrimp.

  19. Jill Rockefeller

    I’m from Washington state in the US. I’d choose your pdf patterns. For Christmas we will be eating loads and loads of appetizers and desserts instead of a full meal.

  20. Dona

    Hello from Spokane WA in the USA. I would take the Woodland Friends finger puppets because I sew for ill children and they would love them. Going to family for Christmas dinner – they better have lots of pumpkin pie!

  21. Piroska

    I’m in Ontario, Canada. I’d choose the Woodland finger puppet kit.
    At Christmas, it will be turkey, and all the trimmings.

  22. Emilee

    I’m from Georgia (USA) and we recently started mixing it up for Christmas dinner, since we just did a big turkey dinner at Thanksgiving. We are thinking maybe tacos this year! I would love the Christmas finger puppet kit (even if it won’t be here in time, we could do it next year!)

  23. Tawny

    Hi from Canada! I would love the kit (even if it won’t get here before Christmas) and my husband just came back from the grocery store, like 3 minutes ago with a huge turkey. Guess I’m gonna have to cook it up 🙂

  24. Karrie Smith

    I’m from MI (US), and I’d love to win the Woodlands puppets. It’s ok if it gets here next year. Thanks for the chance to win! PS: I hope to be eating turkey dinner on Christmas!

  25. Julia C K

    I’m from Canada and I’d choose the Christmas Friends kid (though they’re both really cute). We’re having turkey and all the trimmings here too!

  26. Tina C.

    Hello! I’m from California, USA! I would choose the woodland friends kit, even if it wouldn’t come by Christmas, I think it’s still super cute!

  27. Deb (Two Cheeky Monkeys)

    I’m from Melbourne, Australia. I would choose the five PDF patterns and because my family is Chinese, we often have eclectic Christmas meals which have the traditional English fare of turkey and ham as well as curries, noodles and dumplings. 🙂

  28. Cheryl

    I’m from Texas, USA! These finger puppets are so adorable. I would choose the woodland friends kit. And I’ll be eating breakfast casserole and lots of fudge! Yum!!!

  29. Kirsten

    Howdy from snowy (and cold) Colorado. We live up here in the mountains so the woodland creatures would suit us fine. Thanksgiving was just 1 week ago so I think we might have ham for Christmas (to change it up). I’m good as long as there are lots of sweets.

  30. madeline t.

    Hi from Boston, Massachusetts, I would choose the Christmas friends kit. we usually have ham for Christmas,

  31. Megan P.

    Hi from freezing Minnesota! I would pick the Woodlands set – so cute! We will have grilled apple/cranberry stuffed pork loin for our Christmas dinner!

  32. Amy C

    I am in England, I LOVE that gnome so it would have to be that set and this year I am doing the whole feast but instead of a turkey crown I will be doing a nice bit of beef ala Nigel and Adam’s tv show the other week!!!

  33. Mhairi

    I am from Australia, I would love the patterns although the Woodland Friends kit is really cute.
    From Christmas we will be eating cold meat, prawns and salads. For dessert we will be enjoying a rocky road icecream that is so good!!!!!

  34. Helen

    I’d love the kit, how much fun! I’m in OZ and we’ll be munching on mangoes, lobster and pav. Such a lovely offer – thank you, and Merry Christmas

  35. Nykie

    I’d love the woodland friends kit! I’m in Canberra, Australia and lunch will be turkey with all the trimmings – Merry Christmas

  36. Zenia Sofia

    Hello from London! I am not sure about Christmas dinner yet, it’s likely to be something different or maybe just a lovely lamb roast. Not so hot on turkey in this house. And definitely some homemade ham! I love the woodland creatures kit, thanks!

  37. Amanda

    I’m from Texas in the US. I would love the Woodland finger puppet kit! 🙂 For Christmas day, I have no idea what we will be eating because I’m not making it and we won’t be home, haha! But I’m sure it will be delicious! 🙂

  38. Erika

    I’m from the US and would love to have the Woodland Friends finger puppet kit. For Christmas we’ll be eating roast beef, yorkshire pudding, roast carrots and potatoes. Yum!

  39. Kate

    I live in Missouri in the US and would love win the patterns! We do a big Christmas Eve dinner and we’ll have prime rib — yum!

  40. Beverly

    I am from North Carolina in the US. I love the Christmas friends patterns. We will be spending Christmas with our daughter this year so we aren’t sure what we will be eating.

  41. Danijela

    Lovely giveaway,so generous of you.Thank you for the chance to win it.Serbia here .=o) Not sure yet,maybe Christmas.

  42. Julia Perucca

    Hi! I’m from Villa Carlos Paz, Argentina. I would love the patterns. We’ll be eating goatling (cabrito a las leñas) Best wishes! ♥

  43. Victoria

    I love the woodland friends and would choose that kit.
    I am in snowy, cold, southwestern Ohio in the US. That is the midwest!
    I will be drinking a mimosa, eating brunch foods all day long. No fuss on Christmas Day but Christmas Eve is a little bit more formal.

  44. Lee

    Hello from Southeast Michigan USA. I love your cute finger puppets! I would chose the patterns 🙂 thank you! For Holiday dinner on Christmas we usually have ham, cheese potatoes and lots of vegetarian dishes as many of us are veggies! thanks!

  45. Lia

    I’m from Germany and would pick the patterns I think. Not sure what we’ll be eating yet, we usually decide closer to the date 🙂 Thanks a lot for your giveaway!

  46. Kelly Williams

    I am from West Virginia in the US and I would choose the Christmas patterns. I think we will be having ham this year. With all of the trimmings. Yea!! Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  47. Andrea B

    From Nebraska, US – I’d like to win the woodland friends finger puppets. We’ll be having a traditional Christmas dinner of turkey, etc.

  48. Tamara Hampton

    I am from Texas, US. the pdfs would be great!!! My husband and i go out to supper and a movie. Christmas is our day so our kids can visit inlaws and spend it opening presents with their kids. Last year we had chinese buffet!

  49. Kathy Davis

    I am from the Missouri Ozarks in the USA. I have been to the UK. Love it. I would like the finger puppet kit since I have a small granddaughter who would love to play with them. For Christmas we have a brunch after opening our gifts including and egg and ham casserole, French toast, fruit salad and muffins. YUM. Thanks, Kathy

  50. Mara

    I am in Greece! would love some PDF patterns. Not sure what we are eating either the traditional roasted little pig or little lamb, not sure yet, can’t believe Christmas is so soon.

  51. Amy

    Hello from snowy Ohio, USA! I would love your patterns. I plan to eat a lot of cookies on Christmas day! Thanks for the giveaway! Amy @ gasudimack(at)sbcglobal(dot)net

  52. Tanya

    I’m from Utah, USA. I love the puppet kit, my toddler would really like it. I like to cook a ham on Christmas day. Thanks for chance to win.

  53. DebbieK

    I’m from NY State. I love both kits or PDFs. I’d like to try playing with felt some more. I’m headed to my brothers for the holidays so who knows what we’ll have!

  54. PersimonDreams

    Hello from Wisconsin in the US! I love the puppet kits – my kiddo’s would love it even if it got here after christmas. I have no idea what I’m eating for this year…our regular tradition has been cancelled so I have to come up with something cool for my kiddo’s to always remember!

  55. DeborahGun

    I am from Indonesia and would choose the Woodland Friends finger puppets kit. I imagine we will be eating chicken curry and rice for Christmas!

  56. Charlotte

    Hi – I’m Charlotte from New Zealand. I think I would choose the Woodlands kit if I’m lucky enough to win. We’ll be eating ham and having BBQ’s on the beach for our Christmas holidays

  57. notchka

    Hi! Like Charlotte, I’m also from NZ. I guess its pretty typical down here to have a glazed ham (with potato salad in our case). It wouldn’t be Christmas without berries for desert – served with meringues and cream. I would love to have the woodland kit please. Thanks for the chance 😀

  58. Leigh

    I’m in Australia, and the woodlands puppets are adorable! We will have ham, prawns, salad, fresh bread… that kind of thing for lunch. Fresh fruit (mangoes! cherries!) for dessert, probably christmas cake too but I don’t eat that, I just pinch some custard. Its too hot for a full on baked Christmas lunch here!

  59. Beth

    I am from VA in the USA. I would love the woodland friends kit, doesn’t matter if it is after Christmas! I know I will be eating cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning – don’t have dinner sorted out yet.

  60. Barbara Bradford

    Hi from Oklahoma, USA. I adore the woodland friends pattern. All your patterns are so cute. We are having a sandwich buffet on Christmas Eve for family and friends. Hubby and I will be feasting on Blackened Catfish on Christmas Day..

  61. Debbie

    I’m from Georgia, USA. While I love the finger puppet kits, I think I would choose the patterns. My family has not decided what they would like for the Christmas meal. Steak has been mentioned by the men but I like a more traditional meal like you are serving.

  62. Sasha

    I’m from Beckington in Somerset, I’d love a woodland creature kit!
    Has to be turkey here, none of that goose malarkey! I also have to have bread sauce, no-one else in the family has it, but it’s so yummy!

  63. valma

    Hello I’m Valérie from France 🙂
    I really love the woodland creatures kit , it is so cute =)
    Don’t know what the whole menu will be but for sure there will be oysters and champagne =)

  64. Jansie

    Hi there, I live in the State of Texas, USA. I would love the 5 PDF patterns!! And on Christmas it is our tradition for my husband to make his amazing Chili that he simmers all night long. We wake up to the smell of peppers and onions. Hahaha Not very Christmasy, but boy is it good! Thanks for the chance.

  65. Jolien

    I love the woodland kit! So adorable! I’m one of those “international” readers though…

    Thanks for the giveaway! <3

  66. robyn jones

    I’m from Golden Valley, AZ in the USA. And I will be having a turkey dinner with all that goes with it. I would choose the 5 pdf patterns if I am the lucky winner. Thanks for posting this giveaway. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  67. erin

    I am from Colorado, USA and I love the Christmas Friends finger puppet kit. We will be eating ham and mashed potatoes on Christmas

  68. Joan H.

    I’m from Wisconsin USA. I would really like the puppet kit. My little great grand
    daughter won’t mind waiting. We will probably have ham and swedish meatballs and lots of other high calorie foods. Merry Christmas to you!

  69. Kim

    I would love the christmas friends kit. I’m in the USA (Kansas). I don’t mind that they’ll be here after christmas. I will just keep them till next year! My boys would love to do them themselves. thanks!

  70. lmnop

    I am in Germany, but from downunder. I need to hunt down a leg of lamb to roast… Mmmmm…. I love the Christmas finger puppets. My wee one is too small at the moment, but I am sure she’d love these next year. Thanks so much for the chance!


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