Shawl done, now how about those socks

I finished my Helvetica shawl/scarf thingy last week and have given it a little wash and block to open up the holes

Openwork detail

I did 25 rounds of the pattern repeat and rows 1-4 again before running out of yarn. Only just made it to the end of the cast off row – phew!

More openwork detail

Things I learnt on this project:

  • I still cannot keep track of a pattern, no matter how simple it is, if I am not paying attention. Lots of counting errors and increases in the wrong places, but you really can’t tell
  • It’s seriously difficult to take pictures of yourself (see exhibit A below)

Me in my scarf

I’ve mentioned previously that I wasn’t sure whether a shawl was really me or not and I guess time will tell as to whether I wear it or not. I think though if I decided to knit something like this again, I would make something much much bigger. With another skein of this yarn I think I would have just kept on knitting!

Now, how about those socks, must get on with finishing them before Spring comes!

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