Summer Sweater Knit Along: Silly Sleeves

Just when you think you are nearly done knitting a cardigan, you hit the sleeves. I say that as if I have knitted many a cardigan before, but to be honest this is the first time that I have knitted a cardigan for myself. I had knitted the body and to be honest really thought that I was on the home stretch! I seem to have been mistaken. A week on from my last post about this cardigan and I’m not sure I’m even half way down the first sleeve.

Lavender jacket in blue, in yellow - sleeve progress

I am knitting the sleeve in the round and am using the magic loop method. Whilst this is supposedly a simple method to use, it feels like there is too much cable in the way. I tried on a shorter cable and there just didn’t seem to be enough. I am pining for some double pointed needles. Feels like a bit of an extravagance to buy them just for the sleeves, so I shall be patient and just get on with it!

Lavender jacket in blue, in yellow - sleeve work in progress

Shannon at luvinthemommyhood, who is hosting this knit along also seems to be at a similar point to me. Good luck Shannon and everyone else out there knitting sleeves!

5 thoughts on “Summer Sweater Knit Along: Silly Sleeves

  1. A. Tipton

    Sleeves. Bah! I have tried three different ways with my current sleeves and I have to say, I’m happiest using two circular needles. No ladders, no excessive cords and it seems to be going by quickly (for sleeves knitting, that is….). xoxoxo

  2. Laura Brown

    I have my sleeves still to do as well – I’m almost done with the body, up to the sleeves. I love how directions will tell you “in your preferred method”…as if you’ve knit a million sweaters! Good luck on the sleeves – they seem to take forever, but then before you know it, you’re done! 🙂


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