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Feature :: Giant Pom-Pom trimmed Cushion, Sew Now issue 5

I designed this cushion with giant Pom-Pom trim for Sew Now issue 5. I love changing the look of a room with some new cushions and even more so when they have big fat pom-poms on them! That’s the great thing about having sewing skills, you can change the look of your home so easily and to your own exacting requirements!

Giant Pom-Pom Cushion Sew Now issue 5

When I was shopping for a zip for the pom-pom cushion I happened to see the birdy/floral fabric in Dunelm and couldn’t resist it! I thought the colours worked so well with the giant pom-pom cushion fabric and trim.

I therefore decided to make a complimentary cushion with jumbo piping. Why have one cushion when you can have two!

If you fancy trying out jumbo piping check out my tutorial for making your own piping!

Giant Pom-pom cushion

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How to get your knitting mojo back 101

It has been a long time since I did any knitting. A long, long time.

For one reason or another my knitting has been propping up the sofa in the living room, hiding away in boxes. Totally unloved. There are two unfinished sweaters, just waiting to be completed, but I’ve just not been able to face them. One is not actually in too bad a state but the other needs a sleeve ripping back as there is a bit fat mistake half way up.

So, as it’s getting colder I thought I would actually pick up the needles and get myself a new sweater to wear this winter. However jumping straight into a half done project was too much to face so I thought I would make a hat.

I have followed Libby Johnson from Truly Myrtle Designs online for quite a few years and had seen on instagram that she had recently published a new hat pattern. So the Aoraki Hat Knitting Pattern by Libby Johnson it was.21365820758_2c09d74d21_b_small2Easier said than done though. I had the right needles, I had the right wool, but could I remember how to knit a long tail cast on? No. Had to look it up!

I got there in the end and really enjoyed the process. The process of re-learning a skill. The process of repetition. The process of making something with a good mix of basic skills used to great effect. The process of using my brain.


Oh, and the process of making a pom-pom. Even if I made it a bit large….It’s a bit unruly and could have done with being a bit more dense, but woohoo, a pom pom!

The part I didn’t like so much was taking a picture of myself wearing a hat. Not the easiest of selfie pictures to take.IMG_4355

So, pick a good pattern, check you tube and get stuck in…mojo sorted!


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