Tripple crochet – oh the heady heights!

Having become a master chrocheter on the double crochet I have moved onto tripple crochet. Oooo, I even impress myself! 

I’ve also had a go at working in rounds…clearly some work still needed on tension as it’s starting to look like a little hat!

I am now feeling as though I am ready to move onto a project……

3 thoughts on “Tripple crochet – oh the heady heights!

  1. nuvonova

    Oh I wish I could crochet, I can knit perfectly but I can’t get my head around crochet. I think it’s something where I need someone to sit down and show me, which my friend is going to do, but we keep getting busy with things!

    I envy people crocheting on the train!

  2. Zuleika

    Great work! There are a lot of quick and easy first projects to try. A scarf would be ideal, but of course it’s not the right weather for it. Maybe a dishcloth?


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