TT&T KAL: Roxborough Dolman…half way home!

We are well into the luvinthemommyhood summer Tops, Tanks and Tees Knit Along and I am knit knit knitting along!

Frighteningly there are some amazing people that have finished their garment….and some are even considering knitting a second. Phew, where do they find the time?

I have made significantly less progress than a completed garment! Now, don’t be thinking that I have been slacking off. I think I have knitted every day in the last two weeks, it’s just that the knitting has been (mostly) confined to a few hours each evening.

I am working in the round and this garment has some serious positive ease. I started off with 220 stitches and am well on my way to increasing up to 312 stitches….there are just a mere 40 rows to go  before I can start thinking about dividing for the armholes and top section.

I’ve worked out that I have about 17 stripes to do before I am ready for the armholes and neckband (which means that I am almost half way there). Each stripe is taking up to an hour and a half so by my calculations I have about 25 hours of stocking stitch to go….I so wish I hadn’t just worked that out!!!

Keep your fingers crossed that I can get in some serious knitting in the next seven days! Having said that I’m not sure why I feel so under pressure, we are only 2 weeks in out of a total of six. I should in fact be really pleased with my progress :0)

How is everyone else getting on?

10 thoughts on “TT&T KAL: Roxborough Dolman…half way home!

  1. Cindy

    My goodness. I’ve had a healthy number of stitches on my needle before too. It seems never ending to get to the join! Keep on keep on. See you at the finish line! (Oh, I have no intention of knitting a second either.)

  2. Genevieve

    Oh my! 25 hours! Well, I believe in you. You got HALF WAY in just two weeks so I’m sure you can do it. Find a good TV show and watch an entire season while you knit. We love All Creatures Great and Small or Lark Rise to Candleford. 🙂

    Love the stripes! Yay for Team Stripes! *high five*


    1. victoriapeat

      You know what, I have not worn stripes for years (not good with a larger chest) but I seem to be obsessed with them at the moment…they seem to be creeping into my wardrobe without me noticing!

  3. Sara W.

    This is why I don’t do math. I would be so defeated if I figured out I had 25 more hours just of stocking stitch, let alone the rest of the sweater. But it will definitely be worth it, because it’s gorgeous!


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