Video Tutorial :: Chain Piecing Patchwork Blocks and Rows

Video Tutorial Chain Piecing Blocks and Rows
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If you are relatively new to patchwork and quilting you may not have come across chain piecing before. I came into patchwork and quilting from a dressmaking background and to be honest, it wasn’t a term that really comes up. In patchwork and quilting though you’ll hear it mentioned but may not know what it is, how to do it and whether it’s worth learning about!

In this video I show you how I chain piece both simple block and then how I use chain piecing to join rows together.

Do give chain piecing a go on your next project, it really can speed up your sewing and if it’s a big project you will certainly use a lot less thread!

As always,thanks for watching, I appreciate the support! Do subscribe to my YouTube channel if you are enjoying the videos as my plan is to load them more frequently and you’ll be notified when I do!

FREE Brick Quilt Pattern

Have you seen that I have a free tutorial for a brick style quilt? It’s the quilt that I have in the background of my video! I have a blog post with a load of pictures and cutting instructions. There was also a demonstration on Sewing Quarter. There’s a link to the show in the blog post.

Blue Brick Quilt FREE Tutorial

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