1st day at school
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1st day at school

Well, not quite first day at school, but yesterday was Charlotte’s first (half) day at nursery.

I have mixed feelings about sending her to nursery.

On the one hand she is growing fast (now 17 months) and a bit more social interaction will do her good. It will also give me the chance to sit at the sewing machine and get on with some uninterrupted work (babies and industrial sewing machines, glue and solvents don’t really mix that well) or will let me catch up on some rather exciting paperwork.


On the other hand she is my baby and I ‘gave up work’ to run my small business whilst being a full time mummy. Sadly, the older she gets, the less capable I seem to be at juggling the two.

It is back to the age old problem of wanting your cake and eating it too.

Needless to say she had a fabulous time and was completely shattered and I got loads of orders done and ready for dispatch.

So from here on in, it’s a half day every Wednesday…don’t call as I’ll not be answering the phone, I’ll be in the workroom!

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  • I have been where you are. mine went 3 mornings a week from the age of 3. it was the best of all worlds in the end – you’ll never get it ‘right’ you’re a mum! xxxx


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