A blustery day
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A blustery day

I normally dry the washing on top of the AGA (it costs so much to run it doesn’t make sense to use the tumble dryer) but I do get fed up of having washing in the kitchen all the time. Last week it was so windy so I decided to get a rotary washing line.

Well, you can’t have a washing line without a stylish peg bag. I found this fabulous one from Pouch made from vintage fabric…..

Vintage Peg Bag from Pouch Designs

…and you can’t have such a great peg bag without some wooden pegs

Needless to say ever since I’ve made my purchases it has rained non stop (it even hailed yesterday)! I’m sure summer is on it’s way

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  • I think hanging laundry out to dry outside is a great thing! Not only does it save you money and help the enviornment, it makes you feel good 😀


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