A good day was had by all
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A good day was had by all

This weekend we went to the Newport show and thankfully Mother Nature decided She would hold back on the rain for the day (which She more than made up for today – it has been torrential).

Newport show was really great, we had a good time……

The food hall was better than ever with some amazing meat, cheese and pudding stalls and of course a great sausage sandwich! The dog spent most of her time with her nose to the ground looking for scraps.

The heavy horses, were just that – very heavy looking, except of course for the foals. Having said that they were almost the size of a ‘normal’ horse, just a bit more leggy and sprightly.

The cow competition (can you tell I’m not real country stock) seemed like a bit of a fix. The cutest calf was being led around the ring by the cutest little boy – surely there was no competition?!?!

The dog show was impressive – our dog busied herself looking around for more scraps secretly hoping that we wouldn’t make her run through any of those scary tunnels.

The shopping also seemed better than last year with more variety. I met Trudy who runs Gus and me, a delightful range of children’s clothes from Denmark and knitwear from Italy. Dare I say it but I bought a Christmas present for someone….surely it’s far too early for such things?

Gus and me

We also found a local company that makes stunning solid oak doors. With any luck they will have the perfect thing to finally update all of the rubbish doors in our house!

Anyway, a good day was had by all and we went home for a well earned rest :o)

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