A lighter shade of pale
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A lighter shade of pale

I am making curtains! I am actually dreading it as the fabric is a bit tricky to work with and I’m not confident that I’ll be able to match up the pattern 100% acurately. Anyway that is by the by. I have cut the fabric so I am now committed – I’m sure it will be too embarassing to turn up at the lady up the road with a half made set of curtains….

So down to thread….I seem to have every pale shade under the sun, yet none of these will quite do the trick

Sewing thread

Looks like a weekend trip to Dunelm, oh joy

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  • but a person can never have too much thread so more wouldn’t be a waste of a trip (the problem starts when a trip for thread turns into a trip that includes thread, buttons, zippers, fabric…;p)

  • Very organized, though. Sometimes I look back at the days of piecing quilts with fondness. I used beige, lt. grey and black. Now that I am getting back into garment sewing and machine embroidery…


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