A snake in the grass…Roxy gets bitten by an adder
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A snake in the grass…Roxy gets bitten by an adder

Our poor dog Roxy was bitten by and adder yesterday.

A friend had suggested to us that Cannock Chase was  a great place for dog walking, so as yesterday was so stunning we decided to make the journey. We we’d only just started our walk when Roxy yelped as she went to fetch a stick. Now, anyone who knows our dog, knows that she’s a bit of a chicken (scared of next door’s cat for example) so we weren’t too concerned about the yelp. Andrew went over to collect the stick only to find an adder curled up on the stick!

There seemed to be no evidence of a bite but Roxy went very quickly from bounding all over the place to walking slowly and even sitting down. Anyone that has a dog will know that this is strange behavior on a walk! We rushed back to the car (luckily the little one was in a pushchair) and my sister in law searched for local emergency vets in Cannock. By the time we saw the vet her lip and throat has swollen right up and she was drooling everywhere. And worst of all she was passing wind like never before….oooh the smell was awful but it at least it made us laugh when we were really quite stressed and worried for her.

The vet administered some steroids and an antihistamine and sent us up to our veterinary hospital (a 45 min drive away) for her to be put on a drip and to be given the anti-venom. Sadly they didn’t have the anti venom but eventually found some 30 minutes away so we dropped her off and went in search of the anti-venom…..

According to the vet she is now ok in herself but there is some skin/tissue damage to her lip that they need to keep an eye on in case it spreads and her lip falls off!!! Oh, the horror…poor dog. She’ll be at the vets for at least another 24 hours whilst they keep an eye on her.

The place seems weird without her…sniff

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  • Oh my goodness. My heart has hit the ground just reading your post. It makes me so sad for you and your dog. It is like the tick back in Australia, so dangerous. I am so pleased she’s getting better. I look forward to an update.
    Jay Marie

  • Oh poor Roxy. I always think that the UK is so safe and you don’t get any nasties there, but forget about the Adders. So pleased she is on the mend.

  • oh my goodness! snakes are evil evil creatures. I hope she is better soon.


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