A snake in the grass update
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A snake in the grass update

I’m pleased to say that Roxy is now back home with us. I collected her from the vet hospital last night.

Her swelling has gone right down and she looks loads better. She is however really tired and the antibiotics are making her very thirsty so there are lots of trips outside (even in the middle of the night).

There is some skin damage to the inside of her lip from the venom. The vet has said that it could be just a mild form of necrosis (tissue damage) which will sort itself, but it could spread over the next few days and may need operating on if it gets to big. So we are going back tomorrow evening for a check up./ Keep your fingers crossed that she doesn’t need an operation to have the dead skin removed from her lip.

Poor Roxy I really feel for her x

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  • poor little doggy. Glad to hear she is doing ok.


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