All change
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All change

I seem to have been on an extended break for a while now. A break from blogging, a break from working (other than processing orders), a break from sewing, a break from knitting and a break from ironing (although this is not unusual!). I have been somewhat out of sorts for a couple of months and on a bit of a go slow.

This is not because I am a lazy so and so, but because I am pregnant with baby number two!! As of today I am officially 15 weeks pregnant with an estimated due date of December 30th – eep!

I now seem to be a lot less tired than I have been recently and am not feeling nearly so queasy. Things are getting back to ‘normal’, except for my very rapidly expanding waist line…..I was big last time around and I have a nasty feeling that this time I’m going to end up even bigger!

For those of you interested here is a picture of the scan at 13 weeks

baby number 2

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  • Congratulations!!! I bet you are over the moon and I bet you cant wait for Christmas now! Well done 🙂

  • oh- congrats, a Christmas baby, I *almost* had one of those, but she arrived on the 12th

    • Well a Christmas baby it might just be as Charlotte was a week early! It will get me out of doing Christmas dinner anyway…


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