Australia and back
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Australia and back

We’re back safe and sound!

I really did have a proper break. There was no work, no product development, no writing of lists, no knitting, no blogging or generally anything other than spending time with my family.

The weather was great, lovely and sunny every day with temperatures in the mid twenties. It did rain on two days, but I’ll forgive them that!

The travelling was tough and long, but Charlotte was a little star. She slept enough that she wasn’t grouchy and somehow knew that our space was our space on the plane and she wan’t going to spend 24 hours walking and climbing all over the plane. The journey really is a marathon but once you are at your destination and have had a shower and a nap then you forget how long it really was.

So we are now back in the land of the living…jet-lag overcome and all the washing done so it’s back to normal, well almost!

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