Bedside Cabinet Refresh
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Bedside Cabinet Refresh

Oh the joys of a can of spray paint!

Like so many things , I have had this project on my to-do list for some time. Charlotte bless her little heart moved into her big bed and new bedroom eighteen months ago. Not that she knew it but the room had been waiting for a new bedside cabinet.

Bedside Table: Before

This little cabinet has done the rounds through the family…I think we are it’s third or fourth owner! It had been living in our guest bedroom as a (long term) temporary measure. After a sneaky trip to IKEA many months ago for bedside cabinets that match the colour scheme in the spare room, this little pine cabinet has finally been liberated.

Freshly (spray) painted bedside cabinet

Spray painting is such a joy, if not a little messy (you certainly need plenty of space outside and a day without wind unless you want a real challenge) but really quite quick in comparison to how long it would take me with a paintbrush!

The cabinet looks fab, dont you think? Charlotte loves it but I think Emily loves it even more as she is at the age where she is obsessed with opening and closing things and putting things in and taking them back out again and best of all she can just about fit inside the main section, which for her is the most fun she can think of!

Pretty handles

I bought the handles from dotcomgiftshop and I’m so pleased with them – they’re perfectly girly for a three (and a half) year old!!

Pleased as punch with her new bedside table

I am looking forwards to finding out what Charlotte will stash inside…all her treasures, books and toys that she doesn’t want to share with her little sister no doubt!

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  • so cute!
    I bet she stashes her little sister in it to keep her away from all the things she doesn’t want her to touch 😉

  • Great UpCycle! I’ve got a few things to do this to. Now I’m inspired to get on it!

    • Thanks. Let me know how you get on with your projects!


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