Birthday Wishes to Not On The High
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Birthday Wishes to Not On The High

Not On The High are three years old today! Congratulations and best wishes for a very Happy Birthday!

Little Black Duck have been with Not On The High since they were a wee babe in arms and it’s so great to see how the business, both ours and theirs, has grown over the past few years. We look forwards to many years to come.

If you’ve not heard of Not On The High then where have you been??? An online shopping trip is not complete without a stop at Not On The High….it’s especially worth a dip in to see what Little Black Duck have on offer! If you’re looking for a truly unique gift then you’ll be sure to find it somewhere on the site – just don’t get sidetracked looking at things for yourself!

If you’re a small (UK) business with a fantastic and unique product then check them out and see about joining up

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