Blooming Flower Cushion: Ta-dah!
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Blooming Flower Cushion: Ta-dah!

I am so pleased as I have finished the Blooming Flower cushion that I started on our trip to Hong Kong – hurrah! You want to see it?

Blooming Flower Cushion

Thanks to our little break from the internet there was no knitting to be done as the patterns for all of my wips were online (damnit).  Most of my evenings were therefore spent hooking away – not that that is a bad thing, I had just intended to get my Tiny Tea Leaves cardigan finished sooner rather than later i.e. before the weather gets too warm!

Blooming Flower Cushion Centre Detail

Blooming Flower Cushion

As I was working to my own size cushion (45cm round x 5cm deep), rather than to an exact pattern I had no idea how much yarn I would need. When I bought the yarn (yes, I know I said I was going to be concentrating on stash busting) I took a guess at three balls at 100g/200m each. I actually used the best part of four balls in the end.

Blooming Flower cushion joining up

Despite having the cushion pad in full view whilst hooking (had to keep checking for size), I was surprised at how large the finished cushion was! How daft is that? I really is quite mammoth

Blooming Flower cushion all joined up

I really love the cushion and the colour works brilliantly with the kitchen/living room colours. Much better than the terrible cushion I made a start on last year and swiftly abandoned!
When I was hooking the back of the cushion it wasn’t sitting very flat, but seems to sit well now that it has been made up
Reverse of Blooming Flower CushionHere are my project details if you too would like a massive cushion….

  • Front – I made the initial/central round then 20 rounds of crochet and petals
  • Back – again the central round then 20 rounds of crochet
  • Sides – from row 20 on the back of the cushion I hooked a round of treble crochet from the back loops only and then two more rows of treble
  • Joining up – the front and back/sides were connected with a slip stitch all the way around. Remarkably I was only one stitch out

Petal detail of Blooming Flower Cushion

This is quite obviously not as stunning as Lucy’s from Attic24 but you know what I love it and have already received several compliments. Now it needs some friends so I need to get planning as to what will come next

Comments (5)

  • That is lovely.

    Thank you for the link to the trauma teddy website. I have made one but have yet to find the courage to do the face. The website will hopefully give me that courage!

  • That cushion is lovely, the pattern is almost hypnotic!!

    Fleur xx

    • Thanks Fleur! It was really lovely to make, but difficult to put down…just one more petal…just one more petal!

  • it’s beautiful, unique and nice touch for the house, I would love to have one, what kind of yarn/wool did you use? & what size crocheting hook?

    • Thanks Rita. I used an acrylic/wool aran weight yarn, 4 skeins (880 yds total) and hooked with a 5.5mm hook. Good luck!


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