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It’s time to say goodbye to some very old friends. They have stood by me through many a summer, many a London Underground commute, many a dog walk in the country, most of my pregnancy (the only shoes I could wear by the end as my feet were so swollen) and dare I say it, even child birth (ok, so not actually the pushing bit, just the walking around huffing and puffing bit).  I love these shoes to bits and couldn’t do without them – HOWEVER they have definitely seen better days. The sole is completely worn down at the toes and the heels and the strap is starting to crack. I know I can get them repaired but I’m not sure how much of the original shoe would be left by the time the elves had worked their magic!

an old friend

I am planning for a holiday (not that it will be that warm at the other end) so I finally plucked up the courage to order myself a new pair. When they arrived I was more than shocked, astounded and a little bit embarassed at how filthy the old pair were – they really have gone the distance!

new v old

All I need to do now is bin the old pair…..eventually

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