Cable wrist warmers – DONE!
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Cable wrist warmers – DONE!

I can proudly announce that my cable wrist warmers are now complete!

Things I have learnt from this project.

  • Cable knitting is not as difficult as it sounds to the uninitiated!
  • I cannot count in my head whilst knitting and watching TV (there are three counting related errors but I am hoping nobody will notice – will just wave my arms around a lot)
  • I have a rubbish memory when it comes to remembering where I am up to and need to mark off the rows on a piece of paper (see above solution)

Overall I am really pleased with how they have turned out. Are you impressed?!?!?

Since finishing them I have decided my next cable project will be a mini blanket for my daughter’s doll’s pram. I’ve never ‘designed’ a pattern before and am only just getting my head around stitch construction so I’m sure it will be ‘interesting’ !

The yarn is as follows…(sorry about the yellow background – wrong setting on the camera)

It is a 70% Acrylic and 30% wool yarn but I really love the colours. Wish me luck

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