Cables without a cable needle – yeah right! Shifting Sands progress
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Cables without a cable needle – yeah right! Shifting Sands progress

Between Chrsitmas and New Year, with limited success, I started knitting a version of the Shifting Sands Scarf.

It’s quite a simple pattern but I was attempting to learn to knit cables without using a cable needle. How am I doing? I hear you ask….not very well is the answer!

I had intended to follow the instructions linked to the pattern but for some reason I’m just not getting my head around it so I am half fudging it.

For the left (in front) cables I am pinching the one stitch with my left thumb in front of and against the knitting needle while I knit two, before stitching the held stitch. For the right (behind) cables I am using a cable needle, which is a bit of a faff as the knitting needles are so big and the cable needle so thin.

This is working fine for the time being and maybe one evening when I am feeling not too shattered I’ll give the instructions another go. If it saves time then it’s got to be worth learning, especially as I want to knt this jumper. Actually I want to buy this jumper from Brora but at £259 (in the sale) I’m not sure I can justify the expense!

So this jumper looks like a good alternative don’t you think?

beauty shot

Having said that I’m sure it’s not a quick knit and there are A LOT of cables and I think the sleeves are in moss stitch. That £259 might be money well spent in the long run!!

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  • Your scarf is looking good :)and that orange jumper looks fab!! where is the pattern from? i might have to pass it on to my knitter…. 😉

    • Thanks, I’m pleased with how it’s looking but it’s going to be slow progress as I seem to be working on too many things at the same time!! The pattern for the orange jumper is from…I have updated the post with a link for your knitter to look at :o)

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