Cabling without a cable needle
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Cabling without a cable needle

I bought this rather lovely yarn on my pre-Christmas trip to John Lewis Oxford Street

I really love the colour and hope that it will make a nice scarf. The pattern I have in mind is Shifting Sands from Grumperina. It has a really pretty texture to it which I think will work well with the texture of the yarn.

The pattern calls for sport weight yarn and features over 2,500 cables! Sounded like a mountain too tall to climb for me, however the picture below shows a version of the scarf (by Pat of KurlyKnits) that has been made up in the green version of my yellow yarn. Lots less cabling and hopefully a little quicker to knit up….

On Grumperina’s web site she rather helpfully includes instructions and photos that show you how to cable without using a cable needle. If you’re going to do over 2,500 cables then it’s probably worth learning!

My brain, however can’t seem to cope with cabling without a needle. I think so far I have tried and frogged four times. For some reason the instructions are going in one ear and out the other. On the most recent attempt I think I was getting there only to discover that my three year old pulled out one of my needles when I wasn’t looking (never leave a wip unattended)

My husband is away this week on a work trip so maybe I’ll crack it this week….or revert back to using a cable needle!

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