Casting On: Tiny Tea Leaves
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Casting On: Tiny Tea Leaves

Despite wanting to get on and make something for myself  or for the house, I’ve decided to make something for Charlotte, especially as Emily now has her ‘In Threes’ cardigan.

So, the pattern of choice is Tiny Tea Leaves by Madeline Tosh

I am using Rowan Creative Focus Worsted in a lovely bright pink. I wish though that I’d read up a little on the yarn before I started to use it. The reviews are right in that is does split quite a lot which is making for slower progress than normal. I’m not finding the yarn as scratchy as some are mentioning so I shall knit on regardless!

My biggest problem though  is that I’m not sure I’ll have enough yarn. I have two balls measuring in 440 yds in total. The pattern calls for more. I shall have to see how I get on. I may have a mad dash to Hobby Craft at some point. At least I think that’s where I bought the yarn….it wasn’t in my LYS in Shrewsbury, I’ve already checked there!

I’ve been meaning to write about this cardigan for a while but hadn’t taken a picture, so I’m actually a fair way through the project. I’ve made it through the first ball of wool and I think I’ve got about two or three  more hours knitting before I move onto the sleeves and the button band.

Strangely the Tiny Tea Leaves pattern calls for two 7cm buttons. I tend to size buttons by their diameter, but I’m assuming that the pattern is referring to the circumference or they would be pretty big buttons! I have chosen the buttons below and hope that they will fit the button holes

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