Chance would be a fine thing
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Chance would be a fine thing

When I had a proper job in the big smoke before we moved to the countryside, I used to have a one hour commute on the train and tube. It was a real pain some days…the middle of winter could be just as painful as the middle of winter – too many bodies and not enough space – you get the picture. However the joy was the opportunity to read….sometimes a book, sometimes a magazine and sometimes (but not often) a newspaper.

I now work from home when the baby allows me enough time (usually in her lunchtime nap) I work from home in an office that overlooks the field next door. Couldn’t be any better, but I really don’t get the chance to read anymore. So it was with mixed emotions when I went off to hospital last week. I’m not sure anyone looks forwards to a stay in hospital, but the thought of having a little time to read a magazine or two was quite exciting!!

So there I was at hospital, in my rather fetching gown, ready to get down to a little light reading before the op only to find that I had a temperature and the consultant decided that it wasn’t wise to operate!

Three magazines now sitting on the kitchen table begging to be read….no chance :o)


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