Charity shop finds….or lack of
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Charity shop finds….or lack of

I read a number of blogs and have a few friends that seem to have the magic touch when it comes to finding fab things in charity shops!

Every time I go I seem to come back empty handed, disappointed that I’ve not found anything truly amazing! My most recent trip was not too different to any other, although this time I did find a big tub of Duplo for just £10

Is it a little bit sad that I had to count the pieces….colour by colour….size by size?? I don’t know why but I had to know if they were all there or not. The verdict? Well, everything was there except for one large orange piece, however there were two bonus pieces to make up for it!! What an absolute bargain. I am sure this amount of Duplo must be worth well over £100. I’ve hidden the box away for a very rainy day!

To make me feel better about my lack of prowess when it comes to charity shop finds, my mother in law has gifted us this rather lovely bowl and jug that she can’t find a home for in her new house….just perfect for the kitchen

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