Christmas Knitting
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Christmas Knitting

I realise that many people will be thinking that it’s a bit late to be starting Christmas knitting, but this year I am only knitting two little projects.

Last year I made two hot water bottle covers, two sets of mini leg warmers, one pair of adult leg warmers and a pair of slouchy house/bed socks for various people. Now I know that you shouldn’t make items in order to receive thanks and admiration, but I’m not sure that more than two of the gifts went down that well (sadly I didn’t even get an acknowledgement of receipt from two people). I promise the knitting was of an excellent standard (no holes or dropped stitches) and the yarns were lovely! Knitted gifts just aren’t everyone’s cup of tea….lesson learned!

So this year I have scaled back the knitting and am just doing two baby gifts. It’s a pattern that I have done before (I was going to add a link in here but realised that I didn’t blog about it at the time so maybe that can be my next post!) so there will be no stressful moments where I am trying to figure out what is going on and as they are so little I will get them done quite quickly!

The pattern I will be making is from¬†Pickles. It’s a little pair of mittens made with the brioche stitch – so sweet

20111129-014737 PM.jpg

I selected the yarn based primarily on colour. It’s a bit gloomy here at the moment, but it’s a nice soft lilac almerino from Rooster. When in the shop I couldn’t remember how much I used last time, so I bought two balls. Hopefully there will be plenty for two pairs of mittens and a little hat for Emily as she seems to have out grown all of her baby hats (ok, so I may have reduced the size of one of them in the wash)

By making less gifts for other people I will hopefully have a little more time to make some things for the girls, which makes me very happy….

20111129-014944 PM.jpg

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