Christmas Stocking Swap
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Christmas Stocking Mug Rug Swap

Let’s have some fun, swap some sewing and spread a little Christmas cheer! Sound good? If so then come and join the Christmas Stocking Mug Rug swap!

What is a Mug Rug Swap?

A swap is a really fun little event where everyone taking part makes a mug rug* and swaps it with a pre-assigned partner. With this swap it’s all about Christmas and is a great opportunity to spread a little Christmas cheer….goodness knows, I think we’ll all need it!

Everyone taking part will be making a Mug Rug based on the Christmas Stocking FPP pattern which I think will be rather fun. There are lots to opportunities to use fabulous Christmas prints or you could even make your swap with one of the Christmas Trees that are included with the pattern. You could even add a little personalisation if you have the Mini FPP Alphabet (see below for details on a great offer for participants).

*a mug rug is essentially a little quilt!

How to Take Part

If you would like to take part you need to do three things

  1. Have an Instagram account (set to public) – this is now optional!
  2. Sign up using the online form
  3. Have a copy of the Christmas Stocking pattern
UPDATED – Now Open to Facebook Users
Christmas Stocking Swap for facebook

Key Dates

In order to keep everyone happy and on track to receive something in the post before Christmas there are a few key dates that we will all need to stick to:

  • Sign Up Closes: Friday 6th November
  • Partner Name Issued: Monday 9th November (do check your junk folder)
  • Mosaic posted on Instagram by: Friday 13th November, use #FPPStockingSwap
  • Finish Making by: Sunday 29th November
  • Send to Partner: by Friday 4th December

A Little Something Extra

Frequently in swaps people like to add in a few little extra bits and pieces as a little surprise. This is not an opportunity to go overboard! To keep things fair a budget of £5 is reasonable as a guide, however you don’t have to spend any money at all … particularly as it’s not that easy to shop at the moment! Here are some ideas for you:

  • a little EPP, maybe a few covered hexies
  • a few of your favourite type of pins
  • some small fabric squares (don’t just send scraps though)
  • a hand written note or Christmas card
  • some Christmassy buttons
  • a sweet treat (be careful with chocolate though, make sure it’s wrapped up well!)
  • some sewing themed stickers
  • something from your area of the country
  • share your favourite sewing tips or advice
  • a Christmas decoration

There really isn’t any need to go crazy, but just think how nice it would be to get that extra little surprise in the post with your swap!

Making your Mosaic

As you’ll have seen from the dates above there is a suggestion to make a mosaic and post it on Instagram. This is so that you can indicate what type of Christmas floats your boat….are you a traditional red, white and green kind of person, do you prefer everything that glitters and twinkles, are you totally pared back or do you prefer bright jewel colours at Christmas?

Making a mosaic is totally optional, but it will give your swap partner an idea of what you might like to receive. If you’ve not posted anything by the 13th of November your partner will assume that you are happy to receive a Christmas Stocking Mug rug in a Christmas style of their choosing!

Mosaics can be made with any number of apps. I like to use InShot, but that’s just what works for me. If you don’t have or don’t want to download an app then you can of course just post multiple images in one post, gallery style.

THREE Special Bonuses

That’s right THREE special bonuses for you if you are taking part in the swap!

Bonus 1: The first bonus is that if you decide to join the swap you will get a discount code for 50% off the Mini FPP Alphabet pattern. When you get the email with your swap partner’s details you’ll also get the discount code

Bonus 2: As an extra bonus one participant from the swap will also receive an EXTRA swap from me! These are some of the fabrics I am thinking of using…

Bonus 3: One participant from the swap will have the value of any orders (of downloadable patterns placed on this website) completely refunded. That’s all purchases made to date, completely refunded! That may be just the Christmas Stocking pattern, or could be several patterns!

Christmas Fabrics

#FPPStockingSwap – Sharing is Caring!

When you are posting on social media use #FPPStockingSwap so that everyone can see what everyone is making!

Some suggested posts for you:

  • Mosaic for your swap partner
  • fabric pull
  • work in progress pictures
  • B&W photo of the finished Christmas Stocking Mug Rug (or just a little corner of it)
  • Hint at any extras
  • Thank you post (tagging your partner) once you have received a mug rug of your own
Help spread the word!

I am very much a one person kind of operation…if you can help spread the word by sharing details of the swap or by sharing this image on Instagram that would be fabulous!

Taking Part in the Stocking Mug Rug Swap

Shop Now for the Pattern

I know that some of you already have the pattern already (thank for your support), but if you’ve not bought a copy yet and would like to take part in the swap you can buy and download a copy today


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