Coming Soon: Owl Mini Bag Sewing Pattern
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Coming Soon: Owl Mini Bag Sewing Pattern

Two weeks ago I posted a sneaky peak of a new project that I was working on. I am so excited to announce that very shortly my new sewing pattern for an Owl Mini Bag will be available for download!

All of the pattern pieces have been digitally drawn, the photos for the pattern instructions have been taken and I have ever so nearly finished writing up all of the instructions….just a few more checks to be done, you know dotting and crossing and all that

Hopefully the pattern will be available for sale next week

In the mean time here’s a picture of the finished bag….

Owl Mini Bag Sewing Pattern


Let me know what you think x

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  • Just love it!! No mistaking those are the eyes of an
    owl. Cute colours, cute face. Wonderful design.
    Cheers, Anita.

    • Thanks Anita! I’m so pleased you like it 🙂


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