Crochet marathon
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Crochet marathon

So, I’m embarking on what I think will be a bit of a crochet marathon (for a beginner anyway)….a baby blanket!

This project is basically a diversionary tactic

I decided to make some gorgeous baby booties for my nephew as a gift for Christmas. I found this fantastic pattern from Sylver Designs on Etsy.


There’s some translating to do between the American and UK terms but the stitches are fairly basic so I thought they would be perfect for my next project….. I was wrong, wrong, wrong. I keep messing up the pattern by keeping the yarn too tight or attempting it when I’m too tired and keep missing stitches/losing count. SO, I have put the booties to one side while I calm myself down.

So, as I say the blanket is a diversionary tactic to keep my confidence and sense of achievement up!

As you can see I’ve made a start so wish me luck…..


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  • Those stinking booties are the cutest things ever! Keep trying on them–they’re definitely worth it. I’m a newbie crocheter, and I crochet way too tightly, too, so I know that’s very frustrating. Good luck on your blanket, too; that’s a great diversionary tactic!

  • Blanket is looking good, Americana! I crochet booties and I know where you’re coming from as far as loosing count. Family knows they better not expect an answer from me when I’m crocheting!


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