Crummy crochet
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Crummy crochet

I’m the sort of person that has to finish a book, even if I’m not really enjoying it (well at least I used to be when I had time to read). I now seem to be the sort of person that keeps hooking, even though I know I’m not happy with what I am making.

I was completely inspired by the work of Suz from Suz Place. She does some fabulous crochet and has some really lovely colour combinations. I decided that our downstairs sofas needed some new cushions and I had seen the lovely crochet cushions that Suz has made and was certain that I could come up with something just as fabulous for my own house. I Was Wrong!

The trouble is I think the colour choice reminds me of my old school winter uniform, which is not a good thing. A grey shirt under a bottle green box pleat v-neck tunic dress, accessorised with a bottle green blazer and matching felt hat – oh so stylish!

Wow, I really can’t believe I ever cut my hair short again after seeing this picture – what was my mum thinking, surely this could not have been my choice?!?!?

The other problem with the project is that one of the yarns is a slightly different weight so I don’t think the finished result is going to look that great!

Maybe I should call it a day and fold in the edges to make a diagonal stripe mini cushion and eventually hide it behind something more attractive?

if only the stripe placement looked a little better….

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