Cute Cardi
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Cute Cardi

I’ve been messing about with crochet for nearly a year now. I only tend to pick it up from time to time so there aren’t too many completed projects under my belt.

On a recent trip to Australia to visit family I was in Spotlight and saw some great yarn in the sale bin…I couldn’t resist so I picked up a few balls. That very same day my Lion Brand newsletter arrived and it featured a free pattern for this child’s cardigan. So back to Spotlight for another couple of balls (just in case, it’s not like I could pop back for another ball if I needed it!).

So here is my first attempt at a garment, all be it a little one – what do you think?

Aqua Cardigan

I am quite pleased with the results, although it looks as though it will be a little bulky under the arms(?) All I need to do to finish is either crochet a button or have a good rummage through my button jar

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