Doll Face
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Doll Face

You may have read a while back that I was making a doll for my daughter’s 1st Birthday. The good news is that the doll was completed in time for her first birthday (although I’m not sure she would have minded if it was a day or two late) but the bad news is that the doll’s trousers keep falling off!

Doll Face

I had decided to make a doll for Charlotte’s 1st Birthday as I wanted her to have something special from her mummy that she could keep forever. I’m sure she’ll grow up a tom-boy and hate dolls…but let’s hope that she loves this one all the same!

This was my first attempt at doll making and I’m quite pleased with the results. What do you think?

From my mountainous stash I found this great leaf print fabric for the smock top (which has hand made binding and has been lined I’ll have you know!) and some stretch denim for the trousers (again please note co-ordinating binding!). The only problem is that I think there may be a little too much stretch in the denim as the trousers keep falling off. Need to have a think about that little problem before we take the doll on outings!

I was quite stressed about embroidering the face as I have a tendancy to make things look more scary than they are, but I think she worked out ok.

If you’d like to make a similar doll the pattern is available from Fiona at Hop Skip Jump. The pattern was easy to follow and comes complete with patterns for two different tops and the trousers/jeans.

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  • She is lovely! So beautifully made, I love her outfit and her face is perfect and friendly. How about some little doll braces that go under her top to help with her trouser problem?

    • oooh, I like the idea of braces – might see if I have some elastic lying about


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