Dorset Cereals Blog Awards
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Dorset Cereals Blog Awards

I’ve discovered that the Dorset Cereals web site has a monthly blog awards. You can nominate your favourite blog, or even nominate yourself if you have a blog. At the end of the month the blog with the most votes wins a goodie bag and more importantly a Dorset Cereals egg cup. There is also a prize of a case of cereal for one voter.


This is actually a great way to find some great new blog on some fab new topics.

If you haven’t come across UK handmade then pop over and see some great UK talent

Bristish Islands is a blog about a couple determined to visit every british Island….did you know there are thousands of them?

If cooking is your thing then have a look at Squirrels Larder – yum!

Drop by, have a browse, but don’t forget to vote!

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