Glitter Heart Clutch for Love Sewing issue 35
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Feature :: Glitter Heart Purse for Love Sewing issue 35

Issue 35 of Love Sewing features a little glittery clutch bag designed by me! Have you seen it?

Heart Glitter Clutch for Love Sewing

As bags go it’s quite a quick make and you can let your creative side run free and play about with the colour and placement of the hearts. Wouldn’t it look great with loads and loads of hearts in a whole rainbow of colours?


To make this bag however I used a selection of pink vinyl from a Rainbow of Stitches. They were really great to work with, it was like sewing through butter!

A Rainbow of stitches sells this glittery vinyl in loads of different fab colours, of which I particularly like their Black and Silver collection!

Let me know if you make a glittery heart clutch, it would be great to see it !Love Sewing issue 35 front cover

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