Feature :: Owl Pocket and Applique in Love Sewing, Issue 7
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Feature :: Owl Pocket and Applique in Love Sewing, Issue 7

Did you catch issue 7 of Love Sewing Magazine before Christmas? I designed an Owl Pocket and Applique t-shirt for their readers.

If you did miss it you can get digital and back copies of Love Sewing from their website                           Love Sewing Issue 7 Front Cover

I didn’t make the front cover, but I did feature on the back cover along with all these other great projects….Love Sewing Issue 7 What's Inside

I designed an applique Owl Pocket that you could apply to any number of garments. I put it on a cord dungaree dress…perfect for the winter!

Dress on Hanger

The cord came courtesy of Plush Addict and was a dream to work with. I do love to make little dresses out of cord for the winter. Doesn’t Emily look lovely and snug, especially with her polo neck jumper under the dress?

Pocket on Dress Detail

I also designed an Applique Owl motif. I used it in the small size on a cord skirt for Charlotte….

Skirt Detail Skirt on Hanger

…and in the larger size on a t-shirt….

Top and Skirt on Charlotte Sitting

She looks rather sweet don’t you think? Probably slightly over the top wearing both the t-shirt and skirt together, but who can argue with a six year old with a face like that!

Top and Skirt on Charlotte Top on HangerIf you are looking for the templates for the Owl Pocket and the Owl Applique you can download them from the Love Sewing website

If you like the Owl Pocket then don’t forget that I have also designed a Fox Pocket pdf Sewing Pattern…Happy Sewing!


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