Feature :: Pelican Applique T-Shirt for Love Sewing issue 31
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Feature :: Pelican Applique T-Shirt for Love Sewing issue 31

I just love an applique T-shirt. I love that you can take something plain and really make it your own. It doesn’t take long, but is so effective and you end up with something that’s different to what you find in the shops.


For issue 31 of Love Sewing Magazine I designed a Pelican Applique pattern that you can apply to any store bought t-shirt. I just love pelicans. Where my parents live in Australia they hang out where the fishermen come in with their boats waiting to see if there’s anything left at the end. The most amusing thing though is seeing them perch on top of the telegraph poles!

Pelican Applique Detail

The T-shirt I used for this project came from JoJo Maman Bebe. It is such lovely quality and washes so well. They don’t currently have exactly the same version, but they do have a Navy/Cream and Navy/Fuchsia version. I’ve just had a look and they do have the red and white stripe in the boys’ section, it just has a slightly different neckline.

Pelican Applique with Boat

I took these pictures of Emily when we were on holiday in Spain this summer. We went out early one morning before the sun became too bright and high in the sky. It was so so hot that morning. I felt so sorry for Emily, but she was a little star!

Pelican Applique Tshirt at the harbour

You can find more details about issue 31 of Love Sewing from their website. If you are reading this post after issue 31 of Love Sewing has come off sale, you can get a back copy from More Mags.

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