Felted slippers take 2
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Felted slippers take 2

So, I seem to be failing at felting the lovely yarn that I purchased to make these lovely felted slippers by French Press Knits. I’m not totally sure what the problem has been but my swatches just aren’t felting enough, despite trying at 65 degrees and 95 degrees. I’m not sure whether it’s because there is a small nylon content to the yarn or whether it’s because I am using a front loading, rather than top loading machine. The upshot is that I have given up on this yarn and it will be stashed for a future project and I have moved onto this rather lovely Donegal Aran Tweed I purchased the yarn from the lovely people at Commodum. The yarn comes in a great range of colours, each by the 200g hank. As the pattern is worked in double or somtimes tripple thickness of yarn they very kindly wound the hank into 4 manageable balls for me. I have just about finished knitting the slippers. The only problem is that I have a nasty feeling that I have knitted a size too small….argh!!!!

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