Felted Slippers: work in progress
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Felted Slippers: work in progress

An absoloute age ago I knitted a pair of slippers from a French Press Knits pattern.

The pattern requires some felting and sadly in the UK we tend to have front, rather than top loading machines. The results when using a front loader, I understand, can be very mixed. I decided therefore to felt by hand. I had a look on you tube for some advice on the matter and it seemed simple enough. So out with the soap and rubber gloves, kettle on boil.

Well, I can safely say I wish I had gone out and bought a front loading machine, or a pair of slippers from Ruby and Ed these ones are nice….

Embellished Mule

Felting these slippers by hand took an age. I would tell you how long but my husband might read this!

Many many boiled kettles later I eventually got them almost to the right length. In the unusually warm weather we have been having they dried off quite quickly. They are a little on the loose side, but I am hoping that an insole might help.

I’ve now got to trim off the bobbles that were formed in the felting process, sew on the straps and find some buttons for decoration……

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