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FREE :: Ghost Hand Puppet Template

Halloween as a ‘holiday’ is gaining more and more momentum every year here in the UK. Our girls really love it. I think mostly as they get a new excuse to wear a fancy costume and play some silly games!

In the spirit of creating a little spooky fun this Halloween I have designed a template for a Ghost Hand Puppet that is super quick to sew up.

Ghost Hand Puppet FREE Sewing Pattern

I’ve made my Ghost Hand Puppet from white fleece, but you could just as easily make it from a decent quality felt. In fact, I used felt for the eyes as I had a few scraps in my stash just the perfect size.

It seriously only took me a few minutes to make, especially as I glued, rather than sewed the eyes in place! I should have timed myself but I’m sure it will have taken me less than 20 minutes start to finish, including rummaging around in my stash for the fleece and stopping to get Emily a drink (you know, because you can’t sew anything in one sitting with children around!)

Download your copy of the Ghost Hand Puppet Template and get sewing.

Materials Required

:: 15″ x 10″ fleece or decent weight felt in white
:: 2″ x 2″ felt in black

Equipment Needed

:: Scissors
:: Fabric glue (optional)
:: Sewing machine or needle and thread

Sewing Method

:: Cut 2 x Ghost Body out of your chosen material
:: Cut 2 x Ghost Eyes out of black felt
:: Position Eyes on one Ghost Body and either sew or glue in place
:: Position one Ghost Body on top of the other, wrong sides facing. Sew around the edges about 1/8″ from the outside edge, leaving the wavy lower edge open

One Ghost Hand Puppet, complete!

Told you, super simple!

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