Frogging a nearly completed project
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Frogging a nearly completed project

When I first learned to crochet one of my first major projects was a striped blanket. Checking back on Ravelry it looks as though I started it in December 2008. I made fairly good progress and then stopped for a while whilst I acquired some more yarn for the border. It got put on one side more often than not as other (more interesting/new and exciting) projects came along. However, as I got more proficient at crochet I realised what a fairly terrible job I had made of the blanket……

Nearly completed crochet blanket

Seemingly I had no idea how to join in new yarn so there are holes in my work that now need ‘covering up’ whilst sewing in the ends.

Holes in my crochet baby blanket

It is a slightly strange shape, too rectangular for my liking. Although I guess this is quite fixable as all I would have to do is rip out the few border rows that I have done and add in a stripe or two. I also have messed up on picking up stitches on the short edges for the border….way too tight. All in all not a classic piece of crochet!

Always good fun trying to take pictures when Emily is around

It breaks my heart to make the decision but I am going to rip it out. I showed it to my husband the other day and he agrees that it’s the right thing to do. We have plenty (or is that too many?) blankets and I am sure that the yarn can be used for something else…..oooh the possibilities!! My husband kindly called it a learning experience!

Of course have no records of how much yarn I have used exactly but have kept some of the ball bands. I’ve also given the blanket a little weigh on the scales.

All in I think I will have the following:

  • Red: 300g
  • Blue: 150-200g
  • White: 100g

So, as soon as I have finished my striped Roxborough Dolman sweater I shall be frogging away for a few nights! Ball winder anyone?

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