Glorious gift for myself
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Glorious gift for myself

I shop too much, I know I do, but when I saw the work of Su at Quercus Silver it seemed like it was time to flex the PayPal account!

Now that spring is on the way (just a touch of hopeful thinking…well the daffodils are poking their heads up) I seem to be wearing a few less layers and slightly lighter colours. So I chose this fabulous set of bangles to brighten up a few cotton shirts…..

Stack of Hewn Bangles

Image from Quercus Silver


I am so pleased with my purchase. The bangles arrived beautifully packed (always nice when you’re buying a gift for yourself) and they are even better in the flesh!

Su has a great blog where you can see some of her work in progress. If you’re nosy like me then go take a look….

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  • love su’s bangles! it’s impossible to choose between all her gorgeous colours 🙂


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