Go Team GB!
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Go Team GB!

I love love love the Olympics!

Two weeks of watching some of my favourite sports….swimming, athletics, cycling and gymnastics. Plus watching some sports that you never get to see on the television….handball anyone?

I never have the television on at home during the day but at the moment….. I. Just. Can’t. Turn. It. Off!!

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to go and see a morning session of the athletics. We had fabulous seats, row 6 just near the Olympic cauldron. We saw men’s heats for the 100m, heats for the men’s 400m, heats for the women’s steeplechase and the heptathlon long jump and javelin. There was also women’s pole vault but that was the other end of the stadium so we didn’t see much. We did however get an amazing view of the heptathletes!

I am so proud to be British (well, I’m mostlyBritish….shhh, don’t tell anyone I have dual nationality!) our team have done so well and I hope that our successes will inspire a generation of young people to go out and do their best

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