Growing Garlic
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Growing Garlic

I received my Joules magazine the other day. It’s a lovely concept and is full of interesting articles. There was article that made me giggle though….Growing Garlic written by Laetitia Maklouf

The sub headline for the article reads as follows: Being a relatively expensive kitchen staple and ridiculously easy to grow yourself, growing garlic is doubly satisfying…

It’s  a great article taking you through the elements required for growing your own garlic: The right timing (plant Oct to Feb), good garlic as a starting point, a sunny spot and well drained soil. Bingo bango bongo by late spring/early summer you should have some amazing bulbs of garlic ready to eat!

Last year we did in fact try to grow our own garlic:

Planting over the winter – TICK
Good garlic – TICK
Sunny Spot – TICK
Good soil – TICK

Here are our results…it was looking promising


until we lifted them the other day to find the smallest bulbs ever….


I think our problem is that they got a little waterlogged over the winter and the spot we chose was a little too sunny (the front of our house can be a bit of a sun trap) so when we went on holiday in May the pots to dried out too much. Maybe they just never had the chance to grow and prosper like they should have done.

Never mind, we shall try again this year!

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