Happy Holiday
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Happy Holiday

Well, we are not long back from a two week holiday in sunny northern Portugal – did you miss me? Didn’t think so 🙂

I didn’t mention the holiday before we went – why let the burglars know that you’re not going to be at home for two weeks! I also didn’t mention it whilst I was away (sneaky use of the forward scheduling feature) as I figured that you wouldn’t care, especially if it was tipping it down with rain where you are. That would just be mean.

Just the one gratuitous cute baby shot for you….

I really love that little girl. Such an amazing character, but my wordy word, what hard work she can be! I swear I didn’t sit down in daylight hours for watching her (pool with no safety gate, seriously!!). As for the nights, well I have no idea how she can cope on such a small amount of sleep.

As a result very little knitting got done…..about an inch of one sock to be precise! Back to it last night so expect amazing and wonderful things (haha)

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