Hippety Hoppety
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Hippety Hoppety

Having had great success with the Poppy pattern from Hop Skip Jump, I couldn’t resist the Jack Rabbit pattern as an Easter make. The little one was a bit too little for an Easter egg this year so instead she got a rabbit of her very own

Full Bunny (almost)

Bunny face

In case you were wondering I didn’t knit the little jumper it was a sleeve from a jumper destined for the charity shop….not sure they’ll want the jumper any more so if you are in need of a little green jumper let me know!

Am I in the way mummy?

What exactly is so interesting about a camera? As soon as it comes out there is a baby or a dog between me and the subject!

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  • Hey! I know it’s been a while but I was wondering if you remember what type of fabric you used.

    • You know what, I don’t actually know what the fabric was. From memory it was gifted to me by an old tutor of mine. It feels like some form of linen mix if that helps!


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